Introducing myself

I am the Learning Resources and Information Learning Technology (ILT) Manager, at a north west FE college. My job is to oversee ILT Strategy and to ensure that technology, which adds value to teaching and learning, is not just available to teachers and learners but they are also confident users of it. As part of my ongoing professional development, I am currently in my final year of a MSc in E-learning and MultiMedia.

Aim of Blog

The aim of this blog is for me to write my own personal reflections throughout the DMZ2430: Theories and Evaluation of elearning module, which I am currently undertaking.

Before progressing I thought it would be useful to clarify what a blog is.  The YouTube video from Common Craft, which I’ve embedded below, provides a very good overview of blogs and their purpose.

The article here provides a light hearted look at digital technologies and includes a reference to blogging.

Over the next few weeks I intend to use this platform to reflect upon:

Week One: A number of educational papers

Week Two: RSS, Creative Commons & Tagging

Week Three: Flickr and YouTube

Week Four: Google Docs & Twitter

Week Five: Social Bookmarking &

Although I am reasonably conversant with a number of these technologies and services, I expect to use the forthcoming weeks to explore the theoretical backgrounds and educational uses of each technology/service.

In order for me to be able to use this blog as a reflection tool, I need to establish my current position in relation to the technologies and services I will be evaluating. Therefore, before each weeks session, I will write a brief overview of my current position in relation to each service/technology, which I will be able to use at a later date to establish any changes/distance travelled.